Sport Works

Sport Works is a social enterprise which supports individuals aged 4-94 to improve health, gain qualifications and move into sustainable employment or further training.  Our team passionately believes in the power sport has to effect positive social change and in its ability to enrich the lives of individuals and entire communities.

Since 2009 we’ve been designing and delivering award winning programmes which change lives. Through our Community Sport ProgrammesInclusive Disability Sport and Wellbeing for Older Individuals our work addresses health inequalities and contributes towards a healthier, more active nation.

Our Skills & Education programmes equip learners to gain skills, nationally recognised qualifications and discipline to achieve success.  Our Volunteer Academy provides ‘real life’ opportunities for learners to develop the skills, experiences and attitudes which employers require.

The Impact Of Our Work

We don’t believe in over-stating the impact of our work but in reporting the real difference we have made to the people and communities which need it the most:

Whilst we are motivated to “do more” we will only ever report evidence which is verified. We never claim to get 100% success rates, as that would mean we are not working with the right people. We firmly believe in the importance of balancing ‘good news’ stories with ‘hard evidence’.