Darren Hughes – Director

From an early age Darren has had a strong association with sport. While growing up his family owned a sport shop and it meant weekends and school holidays were spent helping out there. Any other spare time was spent playing football, cricket, tennis or whatever other sport was being shown on the telly at the time.

Darren’s enthusiasm for sport has continued into his adult life and he plays a very active part in the local community. He was awarded the Cambridgeshire ECB OSCA Lifetime Achievement for his work in local cricket and in 2014 was a runner up in the prestigious Living Sport award for Services to Sport. He has been an ECB Level 2 qualified cricket coach for 12 years and is a member of the Cricket Coaches Association.

Sally Hughes – Director

Sally had a successful career in the telecoms industry before giving this up when her daughter Sophie came along. When Sophie was old enough for Sally to start working again she took on the role of Parish Clerk helping local Parish Councils meet the needs of their communities. As part of this Sally has played a very active part in helping local groups bring new sporting and leisure facilities to their area.

As well as helping to structure the business to best meet the needs of the community, Sally plans and coordinates what is happening on a day to day basis at Sport Works to make sure all our programmes runs smoothly.