We regularly ask for feedback from parents/carers and children about our clubs. Here is a sample of the responses we have received from parents & carers whose children attend our clubs for children with a disability or an additional need:

Question: Do you think your child is benefiting from attending the Sport Works club and if so how?


‘Yes, he really enjoys going, as he does a good variety of things. He loves to go and run some energy off, and I feel he is becoming more confident. Especially playing in a group and turn taking.’

‘Yes, he is doing physical activities, learning about different sports and learning to be with other children and adults (not family)’

‘Very much so, it enables him to enjoy sport without the negative comments he receives at school’.’

‘Yes gaining social and sport skills.’

‘Yes, by exercising and mixing with different people.’

‘Yes, encourages her to exercise.’

“Yes, helps his motor skills and concentration”

“Yes very much. The children are learning new skills, interacting with new people and turn taking. It also gives me a break.”

“Yes, very much. She gets a good workout while being able to socialise and have fun with her friends and the adults.”

“Really benefited , week 4 totally settled”

Question: Do you think you and other members of your family are benefiting from your child attending the Sport Works club and if so how?


“Yes, it allows us to have some time apart where I don’t have to worry. He is always tired out after the club.”

“Yes, I have a break and know that my son is having good time and doing physical activities, which otherwise would be difficult to provide.”

“It provides a break for the rest of the family and opportunity to do things that we would not normally be able to do”

“Yes, it helps that our child has time to run around at a sports club, it gives us some free time too and he is tired after the club, which also helps!”

“Yes, gives family members some free time to do other activities”

“Yes, he can be more concentrated at home.”

“Yes I am getting a break and my other children have dedicated time”

“Yes, it makes us very happy that she can join in and really enjoy the club and her friends (without us).”

“We all did as I managed time out to spend with my other older children, made the summer holidays a lot more enjoyable for him and for us, thank you”

Question: Please provide any other feedback you have about the Sport Works clubs


“I think you do a fantastic job.”

“Thank you for your work!”

“Fantastic club and staff , thank you”