Bespoke CPD delivered in your school

At Sport Works we recognise the knowledge, resources and aspirations of each school will differ. Sport Works Bespoke CPD service is designed to meet the needs of each individual school and provide a tailored solution, individual to that school. The key benefits are:

Teachers do not need to leave the school to learn because the training is built around the school timetable
The course takes place in the same teaching environment so you can see how to adapt sessions based on the equipment and space at your particular school
Our tutors are teachers who understand the challenges a primary school teacher faces in delivering PE
Additional cover is not needed while teachers are learning
Clear assessments are built into the process so you have evidence of progress and can demonstrate effective use of Sports Premium funding

Sport Works bespoke courses provide your teachers with a detailed understanding of teaching methodologies and progressions. They also ensure there is an understanding of how PE can be differentiated based upon pupil age, ability and motivation.

The “Bespoke CPD” programme holds a number of strategic objectives, as follows:

To upskill primary school staff utilising the most effective teaching methodologies within Physical Education
To enhance knowledge, understanding and confidence across a range of disciplines
To ensure teaching staff are able to apply “outstanding” teaching practices within their own school with a reduced need for specialist support
To raise awareness of the role of “Physical Literacy” in relation to the 2014 National Curriculum
To ensure primary school staff have the confidence to deliver Physical Education that is differentiated, exciting and focused on pupil development

So if you want to help your teachers become more confident in delivering PE, call or email us to find out how your school can benefit from our Bespoke CPD courses. You can find our contact details by clicking here