“I feel more confident in the planning and delivering of lessons and how to achieve my final goal. I can now confidently explain to other staff the best way to teach dance and how to make it fun and challenging at the same time. Huge thank you to everyone at Sport Works.”
Joanna Beatty, PE Coordinator, Newbottle Primary School

The Gymnastics course was very helpful to me as I haven’t done much gymnastics before. My confidence in gymnastics was very low, but after doing the course I now teach gymnastics once a week at a primary school and feel confident in what I am teaching. I now understand the different disciplines and how to teach them, along with the brilliant warm ups we learnt through stories which is great for the younger kids. I am currently teaching sequences and the children love it – I can even do a few examples myself! This course will help anyone who is teaching in primary schools, even those for secondary schools so they know what level pupils should be at.”

Beth Bowers, PE Teacher, SPIN School Sports Partnership, Kirklees

“We have been able to develop the quality of PE teaching. We have been able to use new, exciting resources in our lessons and have been able to offer an even larger amount of extra-curricular sports clubs to our pupils.”

Bevan Bolland, PE Coordinator, Hothfield Junior School, Silsden