Partner with Us

We know that when we work with others, we’re stronger. That’s why we partner with Government bodies, companies, trusts and foundations to achieve our vision: to reduce health inequalities, enhance social mobility and raise achievement for all.

Across the UK, our partners are helping to improve the wellbeing of the nation.  They’re providing opportunities for vulnerable adults, disengaged youths and deprived communities to enjoy healthy, happy, productive lives.

When you partner with Sport Works, our experienced team will work with you to tailor our partnership to your specific needs. You’ll gain a unique insight into our person-centred, community development approach – and see the long-term impact of your support as it transforms lives.



Become a corporate partner with Sport Works and your business can achieve something amazing: transforming lives across the UK.

Our partnerships with the private sector are based on trust, collaboration and impact. We’ll work with you to deliver sustainable change across the UK, while helping you to engage staff, boost customer trust and reach new audiences.

Corporate Partnerships


As a partner Trust or Foundation, your support enables us to deliver long-term, sustainable programmes which transform lives in some of the UK’S poorest communities. 

You can choose to support a specific project or geographical area of work, or allow us to use your support where it’s most needed.  A dedicated Sport Works colleague will work closely with you.  You’ll receive regular updates on the project so you can see the impact it’s having. You can also visit to see our work firsthand.

Trusts and Foundations