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The Government’s decision to provide food support for vulnerable children this summer,
largely as a result of Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford’s emotional appeal
has highlighted just how important the summer holiday period is for our children’s
wellbeing, both during and after the Coronavirus lockdown is over.

Research by ukactive has shown children’s fitness from low-income families falls
18-times faster than more affluent peers during the summer holidays, matched by a
widening educational gap, of which 66% is attributed to a loss of learning in summer.

So how can we better support the health, wellbeing and education of the most
vulnerable children (and families) whilst still observing social distancing and other Covid-
19 regulations? Here is our suggested approach…

1) Establish “Wellbeing Zones” within key regions of the country. Local Authorities already
work with many of the most vulnerable families and have been allocated £3.2billion from
Government to address the local impact of Covid-19;
2) Encourage sport and outdoor play providers to work collaboratively to deliver
“Wellbeing Weeks”, supporting families to come together and enhance their health;
3) Ensure school staff are properly trained and supported to embed physical activity and
good nutrition within the school day, via continuation of the PE Premium fund

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