The situation created by Covid-19 is unprecedented in our times with many uncertainties facing us. What we do know, however, is that the ability for people to be physically active remains vital now, and perhaps even more so, over the coming months.

At a time when people’s lives are going to be placed under extraordinary pressure, the physical and mental well-being benefits of physical activity will be of utmost importance.  Whilst the ways in which people can engage in sport and exercise will change in the short-term, the basic need remains the same.

As we gradually move past the Covid-19 period, the connectivity, health and enjoyment that physical activity and sport provides will be more important than ever in helping our communities return to normality.



The Sport Works team will be working hard throughout this time to ensure physical activity opportunities remain accessible for all members of our society, both now and over the coming months.





For that to happen it is vital that the “community sport sector” (sports clubs, community groups, local authorities, charities etc) work collectively to ensure sport and physical activity is placed at the core of the UK’s road to recovery.

To that end, the Sport Works team will be working hard to encourage funders and strategic bodies to ensure support is going directly to the communities which have (and will) be most affected.

We know that the physical activity projects which the Sport Works team were intending to deliver over the next few months will need to change or pause as we adapt to the situation around us.

During this time, we commit to keeping in close contact with our partners and stakeholders to keep them updated of our plans.  We will also continue to develop innovative ways of supporting communities, including the most vulnerable members of our society, to ensure we all maintain good health and wellbeing.

We encourage you to keep in close contact with us, to share with us the challenges you are facing, or to suggest ways that we could be helpful to you.

Therefore, our commitment to you, and to the wider physical activity and sport sector, is this: we will ensure we support communities to engage in physical activity and wellbeing opportunities, both now and after Covid.  We will remain a champion for the role of sport and demonstrate its ability to enhance the connectivity, health and happiness of communities across the UK.

By working together we can continue to ensure sport plays a central role in the UK’s recovery and long-term wellbeing.

Neil Cameron

Founder & Director, Sport Works

April 2020

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