Covid – 19 update from Sport Works


I have written this note to provide all our service users, clients and friends with an update during these difficult times.

I would like to thank all staff, service users and clients through this period of uncertainty.  My team and I are very grateful to have the support from every one of you reading this.

Our aim is to keep Sport Works open and to work in a revised fashion to make sure we are supporting our clients and service users in the safest and most productive way possible.

That said, please be aware that Sport Works is stringently following all Government advice. Please rest assured that when I feel it is no longer safe to be open or we are advised otherwise, we will close sessions / offices accordingly.  

There will be a few changes in the coming weeks to help the UK get on top of the current situation:

–  Reduction in class/session sizes and/or amended class times to avoid large groups and heightened cleaning routines.

–  We do ask that everyone coming to meetings and/or sessions washes their hands before and after and respects instructors and staff decisions.  

–  Service users attending sessions may be asked by staff to clean equipment.

–  We suggest that both staff and service users bring tissues and towels with them to sessions to avoid potential germ spreading.

– There may be some differences in timetables across our regional offices as our local team responds to individual needs / feedback. Please do check social media for up to date information. 

Please do not hesitate to ask the team if you have any concerns. For now I do not want to overload you with information, but I would like to leave you with one thought:

What we are trying to do is to keep as much of normal life as we can while being as safe as possible. In that way, we are more likely to protect the most vulnerable members of our network. We need to make this situation liveable over the long-run so that we can look back, laugh and/or cry together as one about these challenging times we are going through.

Thanks and best wishes,

Neil Cameron

Founder, Sport Works


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