Sportworks is an approved delivery partner of the North of Tyne Community Led Local Development.

North of Tyne Community Led Local Development (NT CLLD) is a locally managed funding programme that targets selected areas in Newcastle upon Tyne & Wallsend to encourage local groups rooted in their communities to suggest, design and deliver projects that contribute to increased employment, develop businesses and improve opportunities to enhance local life.

Using sport as a tool to increase creative thinking and confidence, the participants will gain key skills that will support their individual development. Each activity has been designed to support the individual needs of each learner. Participants will develop skills that will improve their employability such as the core subjects, research skills, CV writing and core subjects; but also, resilience and leadership.

Sportworks have designed an inclusive programme that empowers the participants involved with the CLLD. As well as working on their own development, participants will plan and deliver projects that will continue to support their growth but also give back to the community, promoting and healthy and active lifestyle.

  Key Outcomes

  • Members of the CLLD community to develop skills.
  • The CLLD project has a positive impact on the community.
  • Increase economic activity in the CLLD area.
  • Supporting participants to overcome barriers.
  • Enabling progression onto employment, training, or active member of community.


As part of the Sportworks CLLD programme we aim to support participants at all levels to…

  • Find employment
  • Enrol on an education or training course(apprenticeship/traineeship)
  • Continue to engage with the Sportworks CLLD
  • Actively seeking employment
  • Improve basic key skills

Sportworks also offer a progression route for young people enrolled on our CLLD courses through our Sport Leaders Awards.


Sportworks, like many companies has adapted how we operate over the course of 2020. We have adapted to the current circumstances, offering online support for all learners as well as still being able to offer face to face support. We have developed extensive COVID-19 guidelines and risk assessments in line with the government advice. This has provided us with the opportunity to start offering support to the CLLD area.