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Our Disability Sport programmes improve health, wellbeing and independence for children and adults with additional needs. Sport Works delivers a range of community services which are targeted at children and adults with a disability or additional need. Each of our programmes provides opportunities for individuals to have fun, learn new skills and improve health whilst building independence.

Research shows that people with additional needs are less likely to engage in sport and leisure activities when compared to their non-disabled peers. Our work is focused on addressing this trend and ensuring everyone is able to access high quality opportunities.

Independent research highlights that our work has helped scores of children and adults to improve their health, develop new skills and feel more confident away from their parent or carer.


A recent survey from one of our contracted programmes with a Local Authority highlighted:

  • 100% of children found the programme to be “highly enjoyable”
  • 81% of children found the programme to be “highly challenging”
  • 72% of children regarded “playing new sports” and “learning new skills” as the “best part of the programme”
  • 100% of parents/carers regard the programme to be “effective in enthusing their child in physical activity”
  • 83% of parents/carers regarded “improved health” and an opportunity for “a rest or time to spend with other children” to be the greatest programme benefit

“The timing of the sessions give me a chance to re-charge my batteries and spend time with other family members. I have peace of mind knowing that my son is in a safe environment with staff who, in particular, understand autism and the unique aspects of each child and that one size does not fit all”.  Mrs L Dickinson, Parent

“I love the sessions…playing sports and swimming each week gives me a chance to let off steam and make friends. I also enjoy time away from my mum and dad!”. Steven, 13 years old